Air conditioning and heating are part of our everyday life. It would be unthinkable to do without the comfort that these appliances bring by controlling the indoor air quality of our environments and allow us to live better.

Direct Air offers a range of reliable and premium quality products that will bring years of comfort and peace of mind to your family. Choose among our models the one that suits you and enjoy Comfort at its best! ®

Ductless Heat Pumps

Direct Air mini-split heat pumps not only bring comfort to your home but also energy savings that can exceed 40% compared to traditional mini-split systems by using the latest compressor technology called “Inverter”.

When you need to cool more than one room, you don’t have to install a separate system. You can choose our multi-zone models which will heat or cool many rooms by matching up to 4 ventilation units to a single outdoor unit.

Each MS11M (up to 24 SEER) series mini-split heat pump system comes with these standard features:

3D Ventilation: Combines a horizontal and a vertical sweep of the ventilation fins for a more uniform air distribution.

Turbo Mode: This function will heat or cool a room to the desired temperature more rapidly.

Low Ambient Kit: With the low ambient kit, you can heat your home even if the outside temperature is as low as -25°C or use the cool mode even if the outdoor temperature is 0°C.

PTC Heat Strap: The PTC heat strap prevents the accumulation of snow and ice at the base of the outdoor unit.

Energy saving Protection: When the outdoor temperature reaches -25°C, the unit will turn off by itself to save energy.

Refrigerant Leakage Detect: Indoor unit will display error code EC and automatically stop when refrigerant leakage is detected to protect compressor from overheating.

Auto-restart: If the unit shuts down unexpectedly due to power outage, it will restart with the previous function setting automatically when the power returns.

Follow Me: When in Follow Me mode, the temperature sensor built into the remote control is activated and replaces the sensor of the indoor unit. The remote control will now control the temperature in the room where it is present.

Bio Filter: It consists of a specialized biological enzyme that kill bacteria and eliminates the problem of re-pollution.

Cold Catalyst Filter: Eliminates VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other harmful gases as well as odors.

Gold Plated Fins: The evaporator fins are gold plated so dust and grease deposits will not adhere easily.